semanticdjango / django / contrib / semantic / openid / client /

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from import OpenIDStore
from openid.association import Association as OIDAssociation
from openid.extensions import sreg

from django.db.models.query import Q
from django.conf import settings
from django.http import str_to_unicode

# needed for some linux distributions like debian
    from openid.yadis import xri
    from yadis import xri

import time, base64, md5, operator
import urllib

from django.conttrib.semantic.openid.models import Association, Nonce

__all__ = ['OpenID', 'DjangoOpenIDStore', 'from_openid_response', 'clean_next']

DEFAULT_NEXT = getattr(settings, 'OPENID_REDIRECT_NEXT', '/')
def clean_next(next):
    if next is None:
        return DEFAULT_NEXT
    next = str_to_unicode(urllib.unquote(next), 'utf-8')
    next = next.strip()
    if next.startswith('/'):
        return next
    return DEFAULT_NEXT

class OpenID:
    def __init__(self, openid_, issued, attrs=None, sreg_=None):
        self.openid = openid_
        self.issued = issued
        self.attrs = attrs or {}
        self.sreg = sreg_ or {}
        self.is_iname = (xri.identifierScheme(openid_) == 'XRI')
    def __repr__(self):
        return '<OpenID: %s>' % self.openid
    def __str__(self):
        return self.openid

class DjangoOpenIDStore(OpenIDStore):
    def __init__(self):
        self.max_nonce_age = 6 * 60 * 60 # Six hours
    def storeAssociation(self, server_url, association):
        assoc = Association(
            server_url = server_url,
            handle = association.handle,
            secret = base64.encodestring(association.secret),
            issued = association.issued,
            lifetime = association.issued,
            assoc_type = association.assoc_type
    def getAssociation(self, server_url, handle=None):
        assocs = []
        if handle is not None:
            assocs = Association.objects.filter(
                server_url = server_url, handle = handle
            assocs = Association.objects.filter(
                server_url = server_url
        if not assocs:
            return None
        associations = []
        for assoc in assocs:
            association = OIDAssociation(
                assoc.handle, base64.decodestring(assoc.secret), assoc.issued,
                assoc.lifetime, assoc.assoc_type
            if association.getExpiresIn() == 0:
                self.removeAssociation(server_url, assoc.handle)
                associations.append((association.issued, association))
        if not associations:
            return None
        return associations[-1][1]
    def removeAssociation(self, server_url, handle):
        assocs = list(Association.objects.filter(
            server_url = server_url, handle = handle
        assocs_exist = len(assocs) > 0
        for assoc in assocs:
        return assocs_exist

    def useNonce(self, server_url, timestamp, salt):
        if abs(timestamp - time.time()) >
            return False
        query = [
            ononce = Nonce.objects.get(reduce(operator.and_, query))
        except Nonce.DoesNotExist:
            ononce = Nonce(
            return True

        return False
    def cleanupNonce(self):
        Nonce.objects.filter(timestamp<int(time.time()) - nonce.SKEW).delete()

    def cleanupAssociations(self):
        Association.objects.extra(where=['issued + lifetimeint<(%s)' % time.time()]).delete()

    def getAuthKey(self):
        # Use first AUTH_KEY_LEN characters of md5 hash of SECRET_KEY
    def isDumb(self):
        return False

def from_openid_response(openid_response):
    """ return openid object from response """
    issued = int(time.time())
    sreg_resp = sreg.SRegResponse.fromSuccessResponse(openid_response) \
            or []
    return OpenID(
        openid_response.identity_url, issued, openid_response.signed_fields, 
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