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a start for the erl side of the driver

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 %.dylib: $(CPPOBJS)
 	$(CPP) $(LFLAGS) -o $@ $(CPPOBJS)
-.PHONY: clean
+	mkdir ebin
+erl: ebin
+	cd erl && make
 	-rm $(CPPOBJS) $(OUTLIB)
+.PHONY: clean erl
+-define(LIB, "v8erl").
+load() ->
+    case whereis(v8erl) of
+	undefined ->
+	    case erl_ddll:load_driver(".", ?LIB) of
+		ok ->
+		    ok;
+		{error, already_loaded} -> ok;
+		E -> exit(E)
+	    end
+	_ ->
+	    ok
+    end.
+context() ->
+    load(),
+    open_port({spawn, ?LIB}, []).
+script(Context, Script) when is_port(Context) andalso 
+			     is_binary(Script) ->
+    port_control(Context, 1, Script).
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