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============================================= curator: Static Image Gallery Generator ============================================= .. contents:: Table of Contents Description =========== Curator/HS is a simple script that allows one to generate HTML image galleries with the intent of displaying photographic images on the Web, or for a CD-ROM presentation, or for archiving. It generates static web pages only - no special configuration or running of scripts are required on the server. The script supports hierarchical directories, thumbnail generation, automatic resizing. Its output leverages the `Highslide JS`__ library for a slick design. It can be templated with a single file fo HTML with simple keywords in them. Running this script only requires a recent Python interpreter and the PIL (Python Imaging Library). __ Highslide JS: http://highslide.com/ .. important:: I've rewritten curator on 2011-01-16 to make it use Highslide JS, the result is much simpler and I made other improvements and simplifications along the way. Use `curator-hs` for an improved experience. Motivation ---------- There are many gallery generator on the internet. It seems everyone and their brother has been writing an image gallery generation script these days. Why did I write my own? Most of the existing ones required server customizations (PHP, cgi scripts) and will not work off of a simple archive CDROM, or required some annoying installation of some special image manipulation packages, or didn't support templating. Problems problems problems. I just wanted something simple. Another way to view the services that this script provides is this: - it gathers the input files - optionally, it generates scaled-down versions of the images - it generates all the thumbnails - it puts all those contents under a single directory 'gallery' with an HTML index - all the links are relative, so you should be able archive and serve the files from anywhere Features -------- This script was written with the following requirements/goals/features: - on the client side: nothing more should be required than a **web browser** to use it; - on the server side: the web pages should be **statically** generated (no need for special server configuration, no cgi, no PHP, no Zope, no nonsense, just HTML); - all links are **relative links** (i.e. it should work when burned on a CDROM or moved); - the output HTML should be **templated/themeable** (i.e. the user can change the look of the output HTML); - **thumbnails** should be generated automatically, the thumbnails reside alongside the photos themselves; - it should be **simple to use** (it should be able to work with a simple hierarchy of image files, with a trivial invocation, try it now, if it don't work, I've failed); - it should be **trivial to install and portable** (i.e. should not use more than what is available in base installs of most linux distributions). In this respect, thus this script only depends on the availability of: - Python, version 2 or more; - Python Imaging Library (PIL); There is no special library to install, no special tools, nothing. Download and run. This runs on a default redhat install. Documentation ============= - `CHANGES <CHANGES>`_ (recent changes, history); - `TODO <TODO>`_ Invocation ---------- Running the script with the default templates should be as easy as cd'ing in the root of the image hierarchy and typing ``curator``. Run ``curator --help`` for command line interface options, description of the required inputs and of what the script generates. Download ======== A Mercurial repository can be found at: https://hg.furius.ca/public/curator/ `Click here for download instructions. </web-furius/downloading.html>`_ Installation ============ Dependencies ------------ One of the most important "features" of curator is that it does not depend on much to run or to view the pages. - Python-2.3 or greater; - PIL (Python Imaging Library); Portability ----------- curator will run under any platform that has a Python2 (or more) interpreter and the ImageMagick tools. It has been tested under Linux and IRIX. curator is known to have worked under Windows using the PIL (tested on 2003-11). Contributions ============= Contributions from other people can be found in the source code. External Links ============== - `Sourceforge Project Page <http://sourceforge.net/projects/curator>`_ - `Freshmeat Appindex <http://www.freshmeat.net/projects/curator>`_ - Getting `Python <http://python.org>`_ - Getting `ImageMagick <http://www.imagemagick.org>`_ Copyright and License ===================== Copyright (C) 2001-2011 Martin Blais. All Rights Reserved. This code is distributed under the `GNU General Public License <COPYING>`_; Author ====== Martin Blais <blais@furius.ca> .. official sourceforge logo code snippet .. image:: http://sourceforge.net/sflogo.php?group_id=2198&type=1 :width: 88 :height: 31 :alt: SourceForge Logo