Main Page: kealib.org

KEALib provides an implementation of the GDAL data model. The format supports raster attribute tables, image pyramids, meta-data and in-built statistics while also handling very large files and compression throughout.

Based on the HDF5 standard, it also provides a base from which other formats can be derived and is a good choice for long term data archiving. An independent software library (libkea) provides complete access to the KEA image format and a GDAL driver allowing KEA images to be used from any GDAL supported software.



Binaries for Windows, Linux and Mac are available through Conda.

Drivers for ArcMap and ERDAS Imagine are available from downloads


KEALib requires: HDF5 with the C++ libraries and headers. GDAL is required to build the GDAL driver. Download releases from downloads


Some documentation on compilation is available in the KEALib wiki.

Documentation on the GDAL data model and API is available from the GDAL website.

There is also a paper describing the features of the format.