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TuiView / Default Stretch

Default Stretch

This window contains a number of rules stacked in a vertical tab arrangement. Each rule has a corresponding stretch that is applied should the rule match.

When a new file is opened, these rules are evaluated in order (Rule 1 first, then Rule 2 and so on). The first rule that matches is chosen and the stretch defined used to open the file.

Note that stretches can be saved into a file which overrides the default stretch when opened. Edit the stretch from the Main Window or Layer Window to do this.

When Viewer is first opened a default set of stretches is created.

Note that changes to the default stretch are only saved with the user clicks 'OK'. Changes can be discarded by clicking 'Cancel'.

A Rule

Each rule contains the following items:

The number of bands relationship combo

You can define whether you want this rule to match images with a number of bands equal to, less than or greater than the number on the right.

Color table in band rule

You can make this rule match images with a color table in a specific band by changing the value on the right from 'Color Table not Required' to a valid band number.

The Stretch

The details of the stretch are documented in the Stretch Window.

Adding and deleting Rules

New Rule Before

Inserts a new rule before the one that currently selected in the vertical tab arrangement.

New Rule After

Inserts a new rule after the one that currently selected in the vertical tab arrangement.

Delete this Rule

Deletes the rule currently selected in the vertical tab arrangement.