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TuiView / Environment Variables

Environment Variables currently supported

  • TUIVIEW_PLUGINS_PATH - see Plugins.
  • TUIVIEW_EXTRA_RAMP - see Using customised colour ramps.
  • TUIVIEW_DFLT_DRIVER sets the default driver for the open raster dialog. The filter for this driver will appear first in the list. If not set the 'All Files(*) filter will appear first.
  • TUIVIEW_GETIMAGE_THREADS - set to the number of threads to use for reading of imagery for display. Default is 1.
  • TUIVIEW_ALLOW_NOGEO - set to 'YES' to allow display of imagery without valid spatial reference. Note: Not all functionality of TuiView is guaranteed to work properly when there is no spatial reference. Geolinking and vector overlay are most affected, but possibly other things as well. Use with caution.
  • TUIVIEW_SHOW_TRACEBACK - set to '1' to show traceback in terminal window when file open fails.
  • TUIVIEW_NOCMDLINE (when running - set to 1 to not install the command line scripts. Useful when using Python entry points instead.
  • TUIVIEW_INCLUDEBAT (when running - set to 1 to include (when running sdist) or install .bat wrapper files on all platforms. By default this only happens when running on Windows.