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TuiView / Profile Window

Profile Window

This window displays a profile through an image selected by the profile tool. The Profile tool creates a new vertex on the line by left clicking and terminates the line by right clicking the mouse.

You can start a new profile by left clicking again.

This window can be docked with the main window by double clicking the title bar.

A profile on an RGB image causes 3 lines to get drawn (red, green and blue - one for each of the bands displayed). For a single band image a single white line is drawn.

The X axis is the distance (in imagery units) from the start of the profile. The Y axis is the DN value on the image.

The total distance of the profile (in imagery units) is also displayed at the bottom of the window.

Tool Bar

There are a few buttons on the Tool Bar that can control the behaviour of this window.

Follow Profile Tool

Un-clicking this means that this window no longer displays profiles being collected. You can use this with multiple Profile Windows to have different profiles from different parts of the image.

Save Plot

You can save a PDF of the current plot.

Set Plot Scaling

Allows the range of the Y axis in the plot to be fixed. Setting one or both of the min and max to auto means that the min or max value in the profile is used. This is handy it you have multiple Profile Windows open since you can set them to have the same scale and hence easily compared.