“ant is not TeX.”

         Achim Blumensath

ant is a typesetting system inspired by TeX. ant itself it public
domain, but some of the included third party material has a different
license. Please, look into the files in question to determine whether
this is the case.

In order to compile ant you need:

 o OCaml version 3.10,
 o OMake version,
 o kpathsea version 3.2,
 o FreeType version 2,
 o CamlImages version 2.2,
 o mlgmp version 0.13 (optional).

(1) You might want to edit the file “OMakefile” to set some paths. In
particular, the variables KPATHSEA_LDFLAGS and KPATHSEA_CFLAGS probably
need adjustment.

(2) You can choose between three number libraries:

 o Float: (default) All computations use floating point numbers. This is
          the fastest option but it might result in rounding errors.
 o Gmp:   uses the mlgmp library. This gives exact results but it
 o Num:   Is similar to Gmp but does not depend on an external library.
          This is the slowest option.

You can specify the number library by setting the NUM_LIB variable in
the file “OMakefile”. Alternatively you can pass the corresponding
option directly to omake, like:

  $ omake NUM_LIB=Gmp

(3) You can specify which version of the compiler to use by setting the
following variables:

 o NATIVE_ENABLED: If set to “true” (default) ant is compiled to native code.
 o BYTE_ENABLED: If set to “true” ant is compiled to byte code.
 o NATIVE_CAMLP4: If set to “true” (default) a native version of the preprocessor
   camlp4 is created. This speeds up the compilation process.

(4) Finally, to compile ant type

  $ omake

You might get errors about a stack overflow. In this case you can increase
your stack size either by

  $ ulimit -s 16384              (if you use the native compilers)

or by

  $ make OCAMLRUNPARAM="l=16M"   (if you use the bytecode version).

(5) Further documentation can be found in the file “manual.pdf”. The
directory “Examples” contains some examples of ant sources including the
source of the manual. Note that some of these examples use fonts not normally
installed in a TeX system. To compile these documents you have to replace the
corresponding \include{...} command by \include{fonts.ant} (which loads
Computer Modern).