Barry Schwartz avatar Barry Schwartz committed 5ffa692

Change "parts" to "pieces", in parallel with calling the curves "piecewise".

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   private floatmod;
   floatmod a b = (q - floor q)*b when q = (double a)/b end;
-  type piecewise (Piecewise parts::list cyclic::int);
+  type piecewise (Piecewise pieces::list cyclic::int);
-  parts (Piecewise p::list _::int) = p;
+  pieces (Piecewise p::list _::int) = p;
   is_cyclic (Piecewise _::list cyclic::int) = cyclic;
   set_cyclic (Piecewise p::list _::int) cyclic = Piecewise p cyclic;
-  length pwise::piecewise = #(parts pwise);
+  length pwise::piecewise = #(pieces pwise);
   evaluate funct pwise@(Piecewise p::list cyclic::int) t
   = evaluate funct pwise (floatmod t (#p)) if cyclic && (t < 0 || #p <= t);
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