Barry Schwartz  committed 00452cc

Fix constant_pure_generator (though not taking account of "exclude" options, not mattering for now, because generators need to be done differently, anyway, but just be aware that "exclude" won’t work for constants yet)

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File geomalg/markup_augment.pure

     _ slice_index components = val (xml::node_attr constant_node "mv");
     constant_name = xml::node_attr constant_node "name";
-    mv_symbol_name =
-      search_toward_root (flip xml::node_attr "pure-mv-symbol") constant_node;
-    mv_symbol = if stringp mv_symbol_name then
-                  val mv_symbol_name
-                else
-                  '::geomalg::symb::mv;     // FIXME: Do we want this?
+    opts = options "pure" [] constant_node;
+    mv_symbol = catch (cst ('::geomalg::symb::mv)) (val (opts!"mv-symbol"));