Bindings for Python and Objective Caml.
Not thread-safe.

Based on the work of:
  * Art Yerkes:
  * Dr. Thomas Fischbacher and Dr. Hans Fangohr:

Doctors Fischbacher and Fangohr included the following acknowledgment:
"This work has been supported by the EPSRC Grant GR/T09156/01 (UK)."

This version has been modified primarily for use with Kompostilo

The author, Barry Schwartz, is disabled and so unable to provide much
support. He encourages people to fork off their own versions and have
a lot of fun. :)

Distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1.

To build, use something like:

  make PYVER=2.6

An ebuild is included for the benefit of Gentoo users.