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Rename method on StubBlogServer

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-    public URI addPost(final URI... uri) {
+    public URI addPost(final URI... uris) {
         final String id = Long.toString(System.nanoTime());
-        posts.put(id, Arrays.asList(uri));
+        posts.put(id, Arrays.asList(uris));
         final URI blogUrl = URI.create(String.format("http://localhost:%d/blog/post/%s", PORT, id));
         visits.put(blogUrl, new AtomicInteger());
         return blogUrl;
-    public void checkPageLoads(final URI blogUrl, final int count) {
+    public void checkVisitorCount(final URI blogUrl, final int count) {
         assertEquals(count, visits.get(blogUrl).get());


 import net.chempound.acceptance.dsl.driver.DepositReceipt;
 import net.chempound.acceptance.dsl.driver.PingbackDriver;
 import net.chempound.acceptance.dsl.driver.WebUIDriver;
-import net.chempound.webapp.pingback.PingbackFault;
 import org.junit.*;
         pingbackDriver.pingback(item.getUri(), blog);
-        blogServer.checkPageLoads(blog, 1);
+        blogServer.checkVisitorCount(blog, 1);
         pingbackDriver.pingback(item.getUri(), blog1);
         pingbackDriver.pingback(item.getUri(), blog2);
-        blogServer.checkPageLoads(blog1, 1);
-        blogServer.checkPageLoads(blog2, 1);
+        blogServer.checkVisitorCount(blog1, 1);
+        blogServer.checkVisitorCount(blog2, 1);
         pingbackDriver.pingback(item.getUri(), blog);
         pingbackDriver.pingback(otherItem.getUri(), blog);
-        blogServer.checkPageLoads(blog, 2);
+        blogServer.checkVisitorCount(blog, 2);
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