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Refactoring configuration / property loading

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+package net.chempound.ext.fourstore;
+import net.chempound.config.ExtensionConfiguration;
+import net.chempound.config.PropertySource;
+import javax.inject.Inject;
+import javax.inject.Singleton;
+public class FourStoreConfiguration {
+    private final ExtensionConfiguration config;
+    @Inject
+    public FourStoreConfiguration(final PropertySource propertySource) {
+        this.config = new ExtensionConfiguration("4store", propertySource);
+    }
+    public URI getUrl() {
+        return URI.create(config.getRequiredProperty(/*chempound.ext.4store.*/"url"));
+    }


     private final String dataUri;
-    public FourStoreTripleStore(final URI url) {
+    public FourStoreTripleStore(final FourStoreConfiguration config) {
+        this(config.getUrl());
+    }
+    FourStoreTripleStore(final URI url) {
         this.dataUri = url.toString() + "/data/";
         try {
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