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Fix ChempoundClientCLIIntegrationTest

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 import net.chempound.ChempoundConfigurationModule;
 import net.chempound.DefaultChempoundModule;
 import net.chempound.config.ChempoundConfiguration;
-import net.chempound.config.DefaultChempoundConfiguration;
+import net.chempound.config.DefaultPropertySource;
+import net.chempound.config.StubChempoundConfiguration;
 import net.chempound.datastore.TripleStore;
 import net.chempound.rdf.ORE;
 import net.chempound.webapp.DefaultChempoundWebModule;
         final URI baseUri = URI.create("http://localhost:12080/repo/");
         workspace = new File("target", UUID.randomUUID().toString());
-        final ChempoundConfiguration configuration = new DefaultChempoundConfiguration(baseUri, workspace);
+        final ChempoundConfiguration configuration = new StubChempoundConfiguration(baseUri, workspace);
         final Injector injector = Guice.createInjector(Stage.DEVELOPMENT,
                 new DefaultChempoundModule(),
                 new DefaultChempoundWebModule(),
-                new ChempoundConfigurationModule(configuration)
+                new ChempoundConfigurationModule(configuration, new DefaultPropertySource())
         component = injector.getInstance(Component.class);
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