Sam Adams avatar Sam Adams committed 44277a6

Fix checkstyle errors, and add suppression to workaround a bug

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+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
+<!DOCTYPE suppressions PUBLIC
+        "-//Puppy Crawl//DTD Suppressions 1.1//EN"
+        "">
+    <!-- Workaround checkstyle bug with custom exceptions -->
+    <suppress files="src/main/java/net/chempound/webapp/pingback/PingbackService\.java" checks="RedundantThrowsCheck" />
+    <suppress files="src/main/java/net/chempound/webapp/pingback/PingbackResource\.java" checks="RedundantThrowsCheck" />


-import org.restlet.engine.http.header.HeaderConstants;
 import org.restlet.ext.json.JsonRepresentation;
 import org.restlet.representation.Representation;
 import org.restlet.representation.Variant;


     ALREADY_REGISTERED(48, "The pingback has already been registered."),
     ACCESS_DENIED(49, "Access denied."),
     COMMUNICATION_ERROR(50, "The server could not communicate with an upstream server, or received an error from an " +
-                             "upstream server, and therefore could not complete the request.")
-    ;
+                             "upstream server, and therefore could not complete the request.");
     private final int code;
     private final String message;


     SERVER_ERROR_INTERNAL_XMLRPC_ERROR(-32603, "Server error: internal xml-rpc error."),
     APPLICATION_ERROR(-32500, "Application error."),
     SYSTEM_ERROR(-32400, "System error."),
-    TRANSPORT_ERROR(-32300, "Transport error.")
-    ;
+    TRANSPORT_ERROR(-32300, "Transport error.");
     private final int code;
     private final String message;
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