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Include splash page templates in layout, rather than separately generating output and embedding it

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 import net.chempound.rdf.CPTerms;
 import net.chempound.webapp.output.AbstractSplashPageWriter;
+import net.chempound.webapp.output.Page;
 import javax.inject.Inject;
-    public String write(final Model model, final URI aggregationUri, final Map<String, Object> map) throws IOException, TemplateException {
-        map.put("headers", headers);
+    public void write(final Model model, final URI aggregationUri, final Map<String, Object> map, final Page page) throws IOException, TemplateException {
+        page.addParam("headers", headers);
         final BeansWrapper wrapper = BeansWrapper.getDefaultInstance();
         final TemplateHashModel staticModels = wrapper.getStaticModels();
         final Resource r = model.getResource(aggregationUri.toString());
         final CompChemCalculation entry =;
-        map.put("uri", aggregationUri.toString());
+        page.addParam("uri", aggregationUri.toString());
-        map.put("calculation", new BeanModel(entry, wrapper));
+        page.addParam("calculation", new BeanModel(entry, wrapper));
-        map.put("CP", staticModels.get(CPTerms.class.getName()));
-        map.put("DC", staticModels.get(DCTerms.class.getName()));
+        page.addParam("CP", staticModels.get(CPTerms.class.getName()));
+        page.addParam("DC", staticModels.get(DCTerms.class.getName()));
-        return super.write(model, aggregationUri, map);
+        super.write(model, aggregationUri, map, page);


+            <exclusions>
+                <exclusion>
+                    <groupId>commons-cli</groupId>
+                    <artifactId>commons-cli</artifactId>
+                </exclusion>
+            </exclusions>
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