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New test for u0 gateway

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         # Override the server error_log method so we can test writes to it.
         def logsink(msg="", level=20, traceback=False):
+            if traceback:
+                traceback = format_exc()
             cls.log.append((msg, level, traceback))
         cls.log = []
         cls.httpserver.error_log = logsink


 class WSGITests(helper.CherootWebCase):
     def setup_server(cls):
+        def hello(environ, start_response):
+            status = '200 OK'
+            response_headers = [('Content-type', 'text/plain'),
+                                ('Content-Length', '11')]
+            start_response(status, response_headers)
+            return [ntob('Hello world')]
         def foo(environ, start_response):
             status = '200 OK'
             response_headers = [('Content-type', 'text/plain')]
             '/bar': bar,
             '/baz': baz,
             '/qoph': qoph,
+            '/hello': hello,
     setup_server = classmethod(setup_server)
             "WSGI response header value %s is not of type str." % repr(5))
+    def test_notfound(self):
+        self.getPage("/tev")
+        self.assertStatus(404)
+    def test_gateway_u0(self):
+        old_gw = self.httpserver.gateway
+        self.httpserver.gateway = wsgi.WSGIGateway_u0
+        try:
+            self.getPage("/hello")
+            self.assertStatus(200)
+        finally:
+            self.httpserver.gateway = old_gw
             if py3k:
                 for key in ["PATH_INFO", "SCRIPT_NAME", "QUERY_STRING"]:
-                    env[key] = env_10[key].decode(env['wsgi.url_encoding'])
+                    # Re-encode since our "decoded" string is just
+                    # bytes masquerading as unicode via Latin-1
+                    val = env_10[key].encode('ISO-8859-1')
+                    # decode according to the configured encoding
+                    env[key] = val.decode(env['wsgi.url_encoding'])
                 # SCRIPT_NAME is the empty string, who cares what encoding it is?
                 env["PATH_INFO"] = req.path.decode(env['wsgi.url_encoding'])
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