Robert Brewer committed 00bd250

You may now pass multiple --config args to cherryd.

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 from cherrypy.process import plugins, servers
-def start(configfile=None, daemonize=False, environment=None,
+def start(configfiles=None, daemonize=False, environment=None,
           fastcgi=False, pidfile=None):
     """Subscribe all engine plugins and start the engine."""
-    if configfile:
-        cherrypy.config.update(configfile)
+    for c in configfiles or []:
+        cherrypy.config.update(c)
     engine = cherrypy.engine
     from optparse import OptionParser
     p = OptionParser()
-    p.add_option('-c', '--config', dest='config',
-                 help="specify a config file")
+    p.add_option('-c', '--config', action="append", dest='config',
+                 help="specify config file(s)")
     p.add_option('-d', action="store_true", dest='daemonize',
                  help="run the server as a daemon")
     p.add_option('-e', '--environment', dest='environment', default=None,


 Even before any tweaking, this should serve a few demonstration pages.
 Change to this directory and run:
-    python cherrypy\cherryd cherrypy\scaffold\site.conf
+    python cherrypy\cherryd -c cherrypy\scaffold\site.conf
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