Robert Brewer avatar Robert Brewer committed 168d5c6

1. Partial fix for ticket #245 (stop method is never called when sending a signal). autoreload is still vulnerable.
2. New retry scheme for NotReady errors. Some systems were raising NotReady on the test suite.

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     # Start the http server. This must be done after check_port, above.
     cherrypy._httpserver = serverClass()
-        cherrypy._appserver_state = 1
-        cherrypy._httpserver.start()
-    except (KeyboardInterrupt, SystemExit):
+        try:
+            cherrypy._appserver_state = 1
+            # This should block until the http server stops.
+            cherrypy._httpserver.start()
+        except (KeyboardInterrupt, SystemExit):
+            pass
+    finally:
         cherrypy.log("<Ctrl-C> hit: shutting down", "HTTP")
     if cherrypy._appserver_state == 0:
         raise cherrypy.NotReady("No thread has called cherrypy.server.start().")
-    elif cherrypy._appserver_state == None:
-        raise cherrypy.NotReady("cherrypy.server.start() encountered errors.")
+    trials = 0
+    while cherrypy._appserver_state == None:
+        # Give the server thread time to complete.
+        trials += 1
+        if trials > 10:
+            raise cherrypy.NotReady("cherrypy.server.start() encountered errors.")
+        time.sleep(1)
     threadID = threading._get_ident()
     if threadID not in seen_threads:
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