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 .. _globalsettings:
-Global server settings
+Global server configuration
 To configure the HTTP and application servers, 
 use the :meth:`cherrypy.config.update() <cherrypy._cpconfig.Config.update>` 
 .. _perappconf:
-Global application settings
+Per-application configuration
-To configure your application settings, pass a dictionary
-or a file when you associate ther application
-to the server.
+To configure your application, pass a dictionary or a file 
+when you associate ther application to the server.
 .. code-block:: python
    cherrypy.quickstart(myapp, '/', "app.conf")
-Local application settings
-Although, you can define most of your settings in a global
+Although, you can define most of your configuration in a global
 fashion, it is sometimes convenient to define them
 where they are applied in the code.
 Both methods have the same effect so pick the one
 that suits your style best.
+Additional application settings
 You can add settings that are not specific to a request URL
-and retrieve it from your page handler as follow:
+and retrieve them from your page handler as follow:
 .. code-block:: ini