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Robert Brewer  committed 4811c4e

Docstrings and a test tweak.

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File cherrypy/_cperror.py

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         if self.status != 416:
             # A server sending a response with status code 416 (Requested
             # range not satisfiable) SHOULD include a Content-Range field
-            # with a byte-range- resp-spec of "*". The instance-length
+            # with a byte-range-resp-spec of "*". The instance-length
             # specifies the current length of the selected resource.
             # A response with status code 206 (Partial Content) MUST NOT
             # include a Content-Range field with a byte-range- resp-spec of "*".

File cherrypy/_cprequest.py

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         self.cookie = Cookie.SimpleCookie()
     def collapse_body(self):
-        """Iterate over self.body, replacing it with and returning the result."""
+        """Collapse self.body to a single string; replace it and return it."""
         newbody = ''.join([chunk for chunk in self.body])
         self.body = newbody
         return newbody

File cherrypy/test/test_encoding.py

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         # Ask for utf-16.
         self.getPage('/mao_zedong', [('Accept-Charset', 'utf-16')])
+        self.assertHeader('Content-Type', 'text/html;charset=utf-16')
         # Ask for multiple encodings. ISO-8859-1 should fail, and utf-16