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Chris Beelby  committed 586bee7

Updated doc string in DropPrivileges class to reflect the new URL for the article that was previously linked to.

Also updated the example usage of the class to reflect the actual use of the class.

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File cherrypy/process/plugins.py

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 class DropPrivileges(SimplePlugin):
     """Drop privileges. uid/gid arguments not available on Windows.
-    Special thanks to Gavin Baker: http://antonym.org/node/100.
+    Special thanks to Gavin Baker: http://antonym.org/2005/12/dropping-privileges-in-python.html
     def __init__(self, bus, umask=None, uid=None, gid=None):

File sphinx/source/refman/process/plugins/dropprivileges.rst

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-    DropPrivileges(cherrypy.engine, '/var/run/myapp.pid').subscribe()
+    DropPrivileges(cherrypy.engine, uid=1000, gid=1000).subscribe()
 .. currentmodule:: cherrypy.process.plugins