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Documented _cpconfig.Config.environments using comment markers for Sphinx

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         return tool_decorator
+# Sphinx begin config.environments
 Config.environments = environments = {
     "staging": {
         'engine.autoreload.on': False,
         'log.screen': False,
+# Sphinx end config.environments
 def _server_namespace_handler(k, v):


 The only key that does not exist in a namespace is the *"environment"* entry.
-This special entry *imports* other config entries from a template stored in
-``cherrypy._cpconfig.environments[environment]``. It only applies to the
-global config, and only when you use
-:func:`cherrypy.config.update <cherrypy._cpconfig.Config.update>`.
+It only applies to the global config, and only when you use
+:func:`cherrypy.config.update <cherrypy._cpconfig.Config.update>`. This special
+entry *imports* other config entries from the following template stored in
+.. literalinclude:: ../../../cherrypy/
+    :start-after: Sphinx begin config.environments
+    :end-before: Sphinx end config.environments
 If you find the set of existing environments (production, staging, etc) too
 limiting or just plain wrong, feel free to extend them or add new environments::