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Robert Brewer  committed 89e251c

Doc tweaks and a missing 'rb'.

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File cherrypy/_cplogging.py

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         return self.error(*args, **kwargs)
     def access(self):
-        """Write to the access log."""
+        """Write to the access log (in Apache/NCSA Combined Log format)."""
         request = cherrypy.request
         inheaders = request.headers
         remote = request.remote

File cherrypy/wsgiserver/__init__.py

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 class ThreadPool(object):
-    """A Request Queue for the CherryPyWSGIServer which pools threads."""
+    """A Request Queue for the CherryPyWSGIServer which pools threads.
+    ThreadPool objects must provide min, get(), put(obj), start()
+    and stop(timeout) attributes.
+    """
     def __init__(self, server, min=10, max=-1):
         self.server = server
     def populate_ssl_environ(self):
         """Create WSGI environ entries to be merged into each request."""
-        cert = open(self.ssl_certificate).read()
+        cert = open(self.ssl_certificate, 'rb').read()
         cert = crypto.load_certificate(crypto.FILETYPE_PEM, cert)
         ssl_environ = {
             "wsgi.url_scheme": "https",