Robert Brewer committed 95c9575

test_refleaks really shouldn't share its http conn across threads.

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 import gc
+import httplib
 import threading
 import cherrypy
 from cherrypy import _cprequest
     def test_threadlocal_garbage(self):
         def getpage():
-            self.getPage('/')
-            self.assertBody("Hello world!")
+            if self.scheme == 'https':
+                c = httplib.HTTPSConnection('' % self.PORT)
+            else:
+                c = httplib.HTTPConnection('' % self.PORT)
+            try:
+                c.request('GET', '/')
+                resp = c.getresponse()
+                self.assertEqual(resp.status, 200)
+                self.assertEqual(, "Hello world!")
+            finally:
+                c.close()
         ts = []
         for _ in range(25):
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