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Remove clutter from cherrypy module

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 __version__ = "4.0.0alpha"
 from cherrypy.lib.compat import urljoin as _urljoin, urlencode as _urlencode
-from cherrypy.lib.compat import basestring, unicodestr
+from cherrypy.lib.compat import basestring as _basestring
 from cherrypy.lib.error import HTTPError, HTTPRedirect, InternalRedirect
 from cherrypy.lib.error import NotFound, CherryPyException, TimeoutError
     def expose_(func): = True
         if alias is not None:
-            if isinstance(alias, basestring):
+            if isinstance(alias, _basestring):
                 parents[alias.replace(".", "_")] = func
                 for a in alias:
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