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Merge with default - also fixing conflict in test file when merged.

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File cherrypy/test/

File contents unchanged.

File cherrypy/test/

             with warnings.catch_warnings(record=True) as w:
                 servers.wait_for_occupied_port('', free_port)
                 self.assertEqual(len(w), 1)
-                self.assertIsInstance(w[0], warnings.WarningMessage)
-                self.assertIn('Unable to verify that the server is bound on ',
-                              str(w[0]))
+                self.assertTrue(isinstance(w[0], warnings.WarningMessage))
+                self.assertTrue(
+                    'Unable to verify that the server is bound on ' in str(w[0]))
             # The wait should still raise an IO error if INADDR_ANY was
             #  not supplied.

File cherrypy/test/

         sa = cherrypy.lib.cptools.SessionAuth()
         res = sa.login_screen(None, username=unicodestr('nobody'),
-        self.assertIsInstance(res, bytestr)
+        self.assertTrue(isinstance(res, bytestr))