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Robert Brewer  committed a77d0bd

Fix for #548 (Rename the before_main hook to before_handler and MainTool to HandlerTool).

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File cherrypy/_cprequest.py

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     redirect_on_missing_slash = True
     hookpoints = ['on_start_resource', 'before_request_body',
-                  'before_main', 'before_finalize',
+                  'before_handler', 'before_finalize',
                   'on_end_resource', 'on_end_request',
                   'before_error_response', 'after_error_response']
     hooks = HookMap(hookpoints)
                     if self.process_request_body:
-                    self.hooks.run('before_main')
+                    self.hooks.run('before_handler')
                     if self.handler:
     def _set_hook(self, k, v):
         """Attach bare hooks declared in config."""
         # Use split again to allow multiple hooks for a single
-        # hookpoint per path (e.g. "hooks.before_main.1").
+        # hookpoint per path (e.g. "hooks.before_handler.1").
         # Little-known fact you only get from reading source ;)
         hookpoint = k.split(".", 1)[0]
         if isinstance(v, basestring):

File cherrypy/_cpserver.py

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         self.interrupt = None
     def quickstart(self, server=None):
-        """Main function for quick starts. MUST be called from the main thread.
+        """Start from defaults. MUST be called from the main thread.
         This function works like CherryPy 2's server.start(). It loads and
         starts an httpserver based on the given server object (if provided)

File cherrypy/_cptools.py

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         cherrypy.request.hooks.attach(self._point, self.callable, **conf)
-class MainTool(Tool):
+class HandlerTool(Tool):
     """Tool which is called 'before main', that may skip normal handlers.
     The callable provided should return True if processing should skip
     def __init__(self, callable, name=None):
-        Tool.__init__(self, 'before_main', callable, name)
+        Tool.__init__(self, 'before_handler', callable, name)
     def handler(self, *args, **kwargs):
         """Use this tool as a CherryPy page handler.
             raise cherrypy.InternalRedirect(ppath)
-class WSGIAppTool(MainTool):
+class WSGIAppTool(HandlerTool):
     """A tool for running any WSGI middleware/application within CP.
     Here are the parameters:
     def _setup(self):
         # Keep request body intact so the wsgi app can have its way with it.
         cherrypy.request.process_request_body = False
-        MainTool._setup(self)
+        HandlerTool._setup(self)
-class SessionAuthTool(MainTool):
+class SessionAuthTool(HandlerTool):
     def _setargs(self):
         for name in dir(cptools.SessionAuth):
     def _setup(self):
         """Hook caching into cherrypy.request."""
         conf = self._merged_args()
-        cherrypy.request.hooks.attach('before_main', self._wrapper, **conf)
+        cherrypy.request.hooks.attach('before_handler', self._wrapper, **conf)
 default_toolbox.log_headers = Tool('before_error_response', cptools.log_request_headers)
 default_toolbox.err_redirect = ErrorTool(cptools.redirect)
 default_toolbox.etags = Tool('before_finalize', cptools.validate_etags)
-default_toolbox.decode = Tool('before_main', encoding.decode)
+default_toolbox.decode = Tool('before_handler', encoding.decode)
 default_toolbox.encode = Tool('before_finalize', encoding.encode)
 default_toolbox.gzip = Tool('before_finalize', encoding.gzip)
-default_toolbox.staticdir = MainTool(static.staticdir)
-default_toolbox.staticfile = MainTool(static.staticfile)
+default_toolbox.staticdir = HandlerTool(static.staticdir)
+default_toolbox.staticfile = HandlerTool(static.staticfile)
 # _sessions.init must be bound after headers are read
 default_toolbox.sessions = SessionTool('before_request_body', _sessions.init)
 default_toolbox.xmlrpc = XMLRPCTool()
 default_toolbox.wsgiapp = WSGIAppTool(_wsgiapp.run)
-default_toolbox.caching = CachingTool('before_main', _caching.get, 'caching')
+default_toolbox.caching = CachingTool('before_handler', _caching.get, 'caching')
 default_toolbox.expires = Tool('before_finalize', _caching.expires)
 default_toolbox.tidy = Tool('before_finalize', tidy.tidy)
 default_toolbox.nsgmls = Tool('before_finalize', tidy.nsgmls)

File cherrypy/test/test_core.py

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     def login_redir():
         if not getattr(cherrypy.request, "login", None):
             raise cherrypy.InternalRedirect("/internalredirect/login")
-    tools.login_redir = _cptools.Tool('before_main', login_redir)
+    tools.login_redir = _cptools.Tool('before_handler', login_redir)
     def redir_custom():
         raise cherrypy.InternalRedirect("/internalredirect/custom_err")