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Test and fix for #706

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             action = result.get('action', None)
             if action is not None:
-                handler = getattr(controller, action)
+                handler = getattr(controller, action, None)
                 # Get config from the handler 
                 if hasattr(handler, "_cp_config"): 


 def setup_server():
+    class Dummy:
+        def index(self):
+            return "I said good day!"
     class City:
               action='index', conditions=dict(method=['GET']))
     d.mapper.connect('surbiton', controller='surbiton',
                      action='update', conditions=dict(method=['POST']))
+    d.connect('main', ':action', controller=Dummy())
     conf = {'/': {'request.dispatch': d}}
     cherrypy.tree.mount(root=None, config=conf)
         self.assertStatus("200 OK")
         self.assertBody("Welcome to Hounslow, pop. 10000")
+        self.getPage("/foo")
+        self.assertStatus("404 Not Found")
         self.assertStatus("200 OK")
         self.assertBody("Welcome to Surbiton, pop. 10000")
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