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 Deployment Guide
+CherryPy the application framework is quite flexible and can be deployed in a
+wide variety of ways. CherryPy the server is a production-ready, performant
+server that can be used to deploy any WSGI or CGI application.
+An easy way to deploy a CherryPy application is using the standard
+``quickstart()`` server. The ``cherryd`` script mentioned below wraps this same
+server. It is a production-ready, performant server that can be quickly
+configured for development or production use (or even somewhere in-between) by
+setting an :ref:`environment <environments>` in the application config.
+A CherryPy application can also be deployed using any WSGI-capable server. The
+return from :py:class:`cherrypy.tree.mount <cherrypy._cptree.Tree>` is a
+standard WSGI application.
+CherryPy ships with a fast, production-ready server that can be used to serve
+applications independently of the CherryPy application framework.
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