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            = open(h.baseFilename, h.mode)
-    def error(self, msg='', context='', severity=logging.DEBUG, traceback=False):
+    def error(self, msg='', context='', severity=logging.INFO, traceback=False):
         """Write to the error log.
         This is not just for errors! Applications may call this at any time
         if enable:
             if not h:
                 if stream is None:
-                    stream=sys.stdout
+                    stream=sys.stderr
                 h = logging.StreamHandler(stream)
         self._set_screen_handler(self.error_log, newvalue, stream=sys.stderr)
         self._set_screen_handler(self.access_log, newvalue)
     screen = property(_get_screen, _set_screen,
-                      doc="If True, error and access will print to stdout.")
+                      doc="If True, error and access will print to stderr.")
     # -------------------------- File handlers -------------------------- #