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 from cherrypy.lib.filter import baseurlfilter, cachefilter, \
     decodingfilter, encodingfilter, gzipfilter, logdebuginfofilter, \
     staticfilter, nsgmlsfilter, tidyfilter, \
-    virtualhostfilter, xmlrpcfilter, sessionauthenticatefilter, \
+    xmlrpcfilter, sessionauthenticatefilter, \
 # this contains the classes for each filter type
     'SessionFilter'      : sessionfilter.SessionFilter,
     'StaticFilter'       : staticfilter.StaticFilter,
     'TidyFilter'         : tidyfilter.TidyFilter,
-    'VirtualHostFilter'  : virtualhostfilter.VirtualHostFilter,
     'XmlRpcFilter'       : xmlrpcfilter.XmlRpcFilter,
 __cpDefaultInputFilters = [
-    'VirtualHostFilter',
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