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File cherrypy/process/wspbus.py

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     def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
         # Don't use 'super' here; Exceptions are old-style in Py2.4
-        # See http://www.cherrypy.org/ticket/959
+        # See https://bitbucket.org/cherrypy/cherrypy/issue/959
         Exception.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)
         self._exceptions = list()
         # Waiting for ALL child threads to finish is necessary on OS X.
-        # See http://www.cherrypy.org/ticket/581.
+        # See https://bitbucket.org/cherrypy/cherrypy/issue/581.
         # It's also good to let them all shut down before allowing
         # the main thread to call atexit handlers.
-        # See http://www.cherrypy.org/ticket/751.
+        # See https://bitbucket.org/cherrypy/cherrypy/issue/751.
         self.log("Waiting for child threads to terminate...")
         for t in threading.enumerate():
             if t != threading.currentThread() and t.isAlive():