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Robert Brewer
1. New cherrypy.request.version, an instance of new _cphttptools.Version class. This will be min(request.protocol, server.protocolVersion). 2. Content-Length response header now defaults to None (since it must be finalized anyway). 3. Test suite: all client requests now HTTP/1.1 4. Test suite: new cmdline arg -1.1 to run server(s) as HTTP/1.1. Only -serverless currently passes as 1.1. 5. Test suite: turned getOptions into an Options object.
Robert Brewer
Added a cherrypy._appserver_state flag. Helps report errors when server.start() has not been called or did not complete normally.
Robert Brewer
InternalRedirect now takes either str or dict as "params" argument.
Robert Brewer
Implements ticket #195. 1. cpg module removed, all content moved into cherrypy.__init__. 2. Removed some circular imports in sessionfilter by moving sessionfilter.sessionfilter and _sessionTypes into sessionfilter.__init__. 3. renamed _cpconfig to "config". 4. renamed _cpserver to "server". 5. renamed cperror to _cperror; cherrypy.__init__ now imports * from _cperror.
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