REMOTE_USER and REMOTE-USER collision in wsgiserver/

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Clients can overwrite 'REMOTE_USER' header variable value with an arbitrary 'Remote-User' value by specifying the later after the former.

This has tricky implications when a proxy server is being used, namely that if the proxy passes a re-written REMOTE_USER but also the user-supplied 'Remote-User', CherryPy will actually store HTTP_REMOTE_USER as the value of the user-supplied 'Remote-User' header based on the order that the headers are processed.


 492 k, v = k.strip().upper(), v.strip() 
 493 envname = "HTTP_" + k.replace("-", "_")

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  1. robertofaga
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    Robert, should REMOTE_USER be transformed in HTTP_REMOTE_USER? Why not put in the initial env with others "REMOTE_"?

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