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Failed to start up the server when unicode characters used for mapping.

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'''CherryPy 3.2''' does not accept '''a unicode string''' for URL mapping but '''CherryPy 3.1''' does.

'''How to reproduce'''

First, before executing (tori.ServerInterface.standalone (alias to cherrypy.quickstart), set up a dict.



routing = { u'/': { 'tools.sessions.on': True, 'tools.sessions.timeout': 10, 'tools.sessions.storage_type': 'file', 'tools.sessions.storage_path': path['session'] } } }}}

Then, run the following.



Equivalent to cherrypy.quickstart(DocumentRoot(), '/', config=routing) }}}

You will see that the process stop right away.

'''More from investigation'''

The process dies when Bus.start() in '''py2/cherrypy/process/''' is called.

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