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support alternate param separators in URIs

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the RFCs allow for other separators besides '&' but cherrypy doesn't currently support them. in particular, the W3C recommends using ';' instead to avoid XML/SGML encoding issues:

eg, i'd really like to do something like "list?limit=50;offset=100;order=ASC" but cherrypy interprets that as a single parameter limit with the value of "50;offset=100;order=ASC".

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  1. Anonymous

    i've attached a small patch against that should do the trick. it's only a 2 line change so i hope it can go in soon.

  2. Anonymous

    Probably a better idea would be to make the separators configurable (in the config file or from the source).

  3. Anonymous

    i don't think a config option should be wasted on it. ';' and '&' should both just be supported as per the W3C recommendation.

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