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Bug: encode URL in Unicode

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I have used Cherrypy for 2 years now: thank you to provide the Python community this great module!

However, I am confronted to a critical problem: unicode encoding of the url. In fact, I need now to introduce localization in my application, that is in my case translation in French with characters like "é", "É", "ç", etc.

I do use urllib.parse.quote to get safe url components, but Cherrypy seems to fail parsing the url tree.

I am using "tools.encode.on": True and "tools.encode.encoding": "utf-8" for cherrypy.config.

Configuration: Windows 7 64 bits, Python 3.3.1, Cherrypy 3.2.4.

Did I miss something in the configuration? Is it an unsupported feature or a bug in Cherrypy?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. plemarre reporter

    Hi, I just update to the last version of cherrypy: the bug disappeared.

    Thanks a lot!

    May I suggest to release a new stable version (3.2.5)?

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