Issue #1287 resolved

Move IRC to freenode

Jason R. Coombs
created an issue

It has been suggested that CherryPy move its IRC channel to Freenode.

For me personally, this move would be convenient because #cherrypy is the only channel I regularly follow on oftc.

I seem to recall there might be some licensing concerns around Freenode.

Please comment if you have any opinion or especially if you have experience on the matter. If the proposition isn't clearly rejected, then let's consider what steps it will take to make the move.

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  1. Jason R. Coombs reporter

    It doesn't bother me that much except that OFTC SSL is clumsy - it's a different untrusted certificate every time, so my IRC client requires me to acknowledge the untrusted certificate each time I connect. I also haven't bothered setting up connections to OFTC on my tablet and smartphone because I use it so rarely, so you'll never see me on #cherrypy while I'm travelling.

    Maintaining a separate connection dedicated to cherrypy is non-trivial (for me).

  2. Timothy J Fontaine

    OFTC's server certificates are different per leaf, and are signed by our intermediate CA but also has chain linkage to our non-profit umbrella organization SPI. Also each certificate has a CN matching our leaf name but that does not have a dns name, however each certificate has an altname of which your client should be using to verify the certificate.

    If you include SPI's CA you will be able to verify every certificate expressed on a leaf of OFTC. You can see that from the directions for using self signed certificates as a means to identify yourself in our instructions

  3. Jason R. Coombs reporter

    I'm pretty sure I've investigated the issues behind Pidgin (my IRC client) and certificate verification. I don't doubt that there's a defect in Pidgin that could be addressed to better support the certificate chain for OFTC. I won't be able to shave that yak.

    So I'm making the decision to move to Freenode.

  4. Jason R. Coombs reporter

    There were problems with #cherrypy on freenode. It seems some guy named Harlin with no e-mail has registered #cherrypy on freenode. He hasn't logged on in 49 weeks.

    Also, others have pointed out that I shouldn't be using Pidgin for IRC (even though it has served me well for years).

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