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cherrypy advertises with HTTP compliance

space one
created an issue

"""A reliable, HTTP/1.1-compliant, WSGI thread-pooled webserver."""

RFC 2616 Section 1.2 Requirements says

"""An implementation is not compliant if it fails to satisfy one or more of the MUST or REQUIRED level requirements for the protocols it implements."""

→ The advertisement is a lie

Comments (2)

  1. Joel Rivera

    Can you specify to which parts are you referring to? It would be helpful if you have already spend some time on that regard and this issue could be a compendium of the particular issues, or better yet a link to the individual issue.

  2. Jason R. Coombs

    Thanks space one for the report. As Joel has pointed out, this ticket isn't really actionable. It reads more like a rant than a bug report. CherryPy is one of the most compliant frameworks out there and seeks to be a proper HTTP/1.1 compliant framework. In cases where it does not, that is a bug, and those bugs should be filed individually. If you want to use this ticket to reference other bugs that violate HTTP/1.1 compliance, please do so. It would be nice to have a single point to reference violations.

    If there are long-standing, active violations of the spec, then it may be worth updating the documentation to link to this ticket (for exceptions to the claim), but until such references exist, there's no action to be taken here.

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