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"wsgiserver2" demanded by cherrypy.quickstart but only wsgiserver3 found

Anonymous created an issue

I tried a simple cherrypy.quickstart with cherrypy 3.5.0, but it complained that it could not find wsgiserver2.

I reinstalled 3.2 4 to fix my problem, and it was gone.

Sorry for not providing enough specifics. I am on windows - new python and installing in global libraries, no virtualenv.

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  1. David Hobbs

    I ran into a similar issue. It looks like the problem is that "pip install cherrypy" installs the wheel file (pip prefers wheels), which only contains wsgiserver3. It works to install using the source archive. (Windows also, BTW.)

  2. Ronan Jouchet

    Ran into the same problem, and I confirm David's suggestion: reinstalling from source worked just fine:

    pip uninstall cherrypy && pip install cherrypy==3.5.0 --no-use-wheel

    Note this isn't Windows-specific, I'm running Ubuntu Linux.

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