Issue #137 resolved

Running CherryPy from command prompt window

created an issue

THE FOLLOWING TESTS FAILED: Object mapping for python2.3.5 in r mode failed. Rule: cpg.response.headerMap['Content-Type'] == 'text/css' and cpg.response.body == 'D ummy stylesheet\n' cpg.response.headerMap: {'Status': 200, 'Content-Length': '18', 'Server': 'CherryPy/2.0.0', 'Last-Modifi ed': 'Mon, 25 Apr 2005 09:11:38 GMT', 'Date': 'Wed, 27 Apr 2005 22:51:20 GMT', ' Content-Type': 'text/css'} * cpg.response.body: 'Dummy stylesheet\r\n'* THE ABOVE TESTS FAILED

**** Some errors occured: please add a ticket in our Trac system (http://www.che with the output of this test script hit enter

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