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Using only required WSGI variables

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WSGI has a specific list of variables that are required. wsgiApp shouldn't give an exception when any variable not on this list is omitted. Specifically it came up that REMOTE_ADDR is expected, and the Paste test fixture hadn't been providing that variable; Paste has been updated, but CherryPy should also be fixed. See for the list of required variables.

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  1. Robert Brewer

    Hmmm. We need to have a debate, then, about how critical that value is to the application. If it is decided that the app should abort when that value is absent, I don't have a problem continuing to raise an exception--that is, the error should not pass silently.

    The solutions at that point are then to run 98%-wsgi-compliant or get PEP 333 changed. Are there any apps which would suffer if REMOTE_ADDR were required by PEP 333? Looking around at other WSGI apps and servers, it seems to be included pretty universally.

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