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[global] vs [/]

Anonymous created an issue

In the [wiki:WhatsNewIn21 WhatsNewIn21] docs, it seems that the [global] and [/] config section names are used interchangeably.

If they are in fact synonyms, please settle on one and make the docs consistent. Otherwise, please make the difference explicit.

Reported by steadicat

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  1. Anonymous

    I quite agree

    In fact I'd rather split them. [global] should not refer to a path but only to global configuration settings for the application and [/] only refering to the root path of the tree. It would be much more clearer and consistant.

    Let's wait till Remi and Robert get back.

  2. Robert Brewer

    The [global] and [/] sections have once again been separated in CherryPy 2.1 (with changesets [522], [523] and [524]). The "global" section now applies to the server as a whole, regardless of what stage of request-processing we happen to be in. The "global" section is also the parent of "/", in the sense that config values not found in "/" will be pulled from "global".

    In addition, requests with a Request-URI of "*" now map to the [global] config section, and will call cherrypy.root._global if it exists, is callable, and is exposed.

    Assuming these changesets stick around, I'll work on updating the 2.1 docs to make this clear.

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