Tracebacks on unexpected keyword parameters or NOT ?

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The problem comes when you make queryes like localhost/somepage?var=value and you do not have a var parameter on the somepage method. Suppose you have lots of methods like that and you do not want to let tracebacks pop out just by adding a query parameter. So you have to add a keywords parameter on all those methods.

That is a bit uncosistent, so i'm thinking of a config parameter to do the trick. Ofcourse you can make a filter and check what kind of traceback it is and suppress it but that's just ugly.

Any toughts on this?

Reported by ionel

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  1. Anonymous

    Well this is up to the application developer to handle such cases by trapping the error and serving whatever needs to be served. You could define a decorator that makes sure the signature of your handler is respected and either dump the useless parameters or raises your own error message.

    I think we ought to close this issue.

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