Issue #322 resolved

CP should allow streaming in HTTP/1.0

Robert Brewer
created an issue

I made a gross error back on ticket #151; I added a version check when determining Content-Length, because I mistakenly believed that HTTP/1.0 responses required a Content-Length header. But they don't; only ''requests'' have that requirement. From [ RFC 1945]:

"When an Entity-Body is included with a message, the length of that body may be determined in one of two ways. If a Content-Length header field is present, its value in bytes represents the length of the Entity-Body. Otherwise, the body length is determined by the closing of the connection by the server.

Closing the connection cannot be used to indicate the end of a request body, since it leaves no possibility for the server to send back a response. Therefore, HTTP/1.0 requests containing an entity body must include a valid Content-Length header field."

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