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session lock stays

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under special conditions the session lock is not cleared. i encountered this when doing loadtests with siege.

now i found a condition where this reproduceable occurs: if _cpOnError() throws an exception, the lock is not removed and further calls get an deadlock exception.

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  1. Anonymous

    while my other example did not fail on all platform i have made another one today that failed on debian/linux and solaris.

    background: images come from database in my app and fail since several days (svn update, i use HEAD revision). i encounter cherrypy/lib/filter/", line 175, in saveData, sess.sessionData, AttributeError: EmptyClass instance has no attribute 'sessionStorage'.

    i think somehow syncronisation is broken in the session code which also leads to the problem this ticket originaly was created for.

    i can't paste the whole app here because it's too fat so i try to reproduce the problem with small snippets that lead to different behaviors... sorry

  2. Marc Tanner

    again... :D

    i now traced down the initial bug of this ticket a bit more... it seems to be connected with clients using keep-alive under load. switching this off in the client (siege in my case) works fine while switched on cp locks up.

    i will investigate that further, but perhaps we have to split this ticket...

  3. Anonymous

    This patch fixed my issue where I was rendering a large RTF report and returning it to the user. Thanks! -George

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