Issue #339 resolved

Returning lists from xmlRpcFilter results in only the first item being sent

Anonymous created an issue

When I return a list from a method using xmlRpc, the filter only returns the first list item, so I have to wrap it in another list to get it to work.

I think this might have something to do with response.body

Reported by peterhunt

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  1. Christian Wyglendowski

    Fixed in [729]. As suggested by fumanchu, I pretty much reimplemented _cphttptools.main() in xmlrpcfilter.beforeMain(). This avoids setting cherrypy.response.body to iterable(body). Now, when an xmlrpc method returns a type, it never gets wrapped as another type along the way.

    This allowed me to remove the code that appeared to attempt to work around the iterable() issue - which is what finally took care of the problem.

    Also included a test for xmlrpcfilter in the main test suite in [730].

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