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On the circus, "cherry pie" is an invitation to help out...

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(Since I got a bounce from the remy@$foo.$bar address, I'm just dumping this info here).

Re: the project name--besides evoking the image of a favorite dessert, "cherry pie" is the term (once/still) used in circus parlance, to indicate that there is a task which briefly requires the assistance of all available crew & cast members. For instance, "Cherry pie on the Big Top canvas" would be the call for help to load the canvas on the truck, after it has been lowered and folded by the canvas crew.

I don't have any info on the etymology of the term, so feel free to make up your own.

However, I _do_ recall being the new guy on the crew of a traveling circus, and feeling rather disappointed when I learned that in the circus, "cherry pie" does not mean pastry. We'd been working hard for a couple of hours, unloading trucks and moving tent components, when we heard the call, "Cherry Pie on the A-frame!". I rushed over there; not seeing any pie, I decided to help the swarm of people who were steadying the A-shaped brace (used for raising the main poles for the tent). Once the main poles were up, and the A-frame was put away, everyone returned to their usual duties (sans pie of any kind). Someone who'd been on the show for a few weeks cheerfully enlightened me regarding the meaning of the term--and I passed the same favor along, the next time _I_ saw a new person loitering at the scene, after such a massed effort.

(I don't have anything else to offer the project, but figured I could at least contribute some entertainment).

- Richard Ebling

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