Issue #437 resolved

We need a migration guide from CP 2.1 to CP 2.2

Uche Ogbuji avatarUche Ogbuji created an issue

There is some backwards compatibility breakage from CP 2.1 to CP 2.2, especially w.r.t. positional arguments, so we need a migration guide.

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  1. Christian Wyglendowski

    Here's a bit that might help out with user defined filters:

    User Defined Filters in CherryPy 2.2

    The config options server.filtersRoot, server.inputFiltersDict and server.outputFiltersDict are gone. From what I can tell, they were removed in [807]. We now have two new parameters:

    server.input_filters = [package.module.FilterClass,]
    server.output_filters = [package.module.FilterClass,]

    The example above assumes the following directory layout:

          # contains FilterClass

    The big change is that these two config options are now lists, not dictionaries.

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